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angles and features
Client profile.

Our client wanted to redesign their traditional garden to complement a new glazed corner extension housing an indoor swimming pool. 

We designed a contemporary outdoor space with characterful focal points to provide intriguing perspectives.

material palette

silvery tones

PLAN jpg.jpg
Materials & Planting.

The slate veneer-clad feature wall and fireplace beautifully offsets silvery porcelain tiles and blue-brick pavers. 

The cool-hued landscaping materials marry together creating a contemporary aesthetic with clean lines defined zones. 

We retained the garden's low-level boundary planting and incorporated feature trees in our planting scheme for vertical interest.


Frothy Pennesitum and sculptural Himalayan Birch trees border the lawn and soften the garden's rectilinear design. 

1 (3).jpg

symmetry and spotlighting

Clever spotlighting highlights zones and maps out routes across the garden. 

Symmetrical pause points create a formal structure with mirrored feature beds framing the lawn.

These spotlit focal points illuminate the garden after sunset for ambience and warmth.


rule of three

A trio of Amelanchier Lamarckii trees are nestled in a decorative pebble bed.


The sculptural branches and delicate foliage  frame the sleek triple-fountained water table.

Trios of focal points provide intriguing perspectives and complement the garden's symmetrical zoning. 


The entertaining terrace with integrated pizza oven, outdoor kitchen and bar has a spacious open-plan feel.

This inviting zone is smartly designed to comfortably host large parties with formal and relaxed seating options. 

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