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Tuscan Nights.

romantic retreat
Client profile.

A young couple in West London wanted their petite garden transformed into a beautiful and functional space.


A large wooden bike shed dominated their garden making the overall composition feel smaller.


We incorporated layers and focal points to create intriguing perspectives and add depth to the design.

Inspired by the grape vines spreading across the brick wall boundaries, our design took on a Mediterranean theme. 


a petite garden packing a punch

Materials & Planting.

We created a rustic Mediterranean feel using weathered red bricks in our hard landscaping.


A warm grey paint softens the shed and fencing to complement the garden's pastel hues. 


We planted an additional Wisteria to add symmetry to the boundaries. 


An array of edible herbs and fruit plants are interspersed throughout for our clients to harvest. 


Lavandula and Verbena bonariensis offer soothing scents by the dining terrace and are excellent pollinators for wildlife. 

wildflower lawn

Our clients loved their lawn and were keen to include an attractive pathway to transport their bikes to the shed without damaging the turf.

We designed staggered brick 'fingers' across the lawn to create a flexible pathway and provide an additional seating terrace. 

The ordinary turf was replaced with a wildflower lawn transforming it into a beautiful focal point for low-level interest. 

The marriage of hard and soft landscaping blends the garden's zones to create a space that seamlessly flows. 

brick path and lawn sketch.png
pergola sketch.png
vertical gardening

A pergola woven with grape vines frames the dining terrace adding structural interest.

The garden's boundaries are brought to life with vine planting trained to spread and cover the walls in luscious foliage during summer months.

Lettuce, Tomato, Strawberry, and an array of herb plants populate the feature green wall, creating a verdant focal point.

The edible green wall can be admired and easily accessed via the property's kitchen.


The small space needed to accommodate guests for our clients to comfortably entertain outside. 

Attractive modular furniture enables the clients to expand or contract their casual seating areas across the decking and lawn.

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