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About us.

Rose and Maya established flaura after having successfully collaborated on numerous projects across a decade of close friendship. 

Rose Fryer.

Rose is a fully qualified landscape designer with experience working as Design Director for an Architectural Landscape and Design Studio and as a freelancer. Rose has developed a strong portfolio of work showcasing her meticulous eye for detail, texture, and colour to create provocative spaces that capture the imagination. Having also studied Architecture, Rose’s valuable understanding of man-made and organic structures allows her to create informed landscape designs that blend harmoniously with surrounding structures.

rose fryer flaura holistic landscape design.jpg

"at flaura, we design conscientious landscapes

filled with meaning and purpose"

Maya Champaneri Director Flaura Holistic Landscape Design

Maya Champaneri.

Maya has enjoyed a diverse career in the arts sector working for the two leading global auction houses and internationally renowned art galleries. Maya has cultivated exceptional advisory skills, combining her History of Art qualifications and high emotional IQ, to build lasting relationships with clients. Maya enjoys analysing the visual world, people, and cultures to create enterprising projects illustrating her artistic flare. With accredited qualifications in holistic practices, Maya is a strong advocate of wellbeing and sustainability.

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