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take a dive into nature

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


swimming pond
swimming pond

Water is a finite source on our Blue Planet. It covers 71 percent of the Earth's surface and exists all around us as vapour in our atmosphere. The properties and benefits of water are boundless as the elixir and source of life.

Earth’s living organisms need water to live, but human beings’ intrinsic relationship with water roots far deeper than merely survival. It is our planet’s most evocative element. We are drawn to large expanses of water for the mental, physical, and emotional benefits we experience. There is something undeniably magical about water.

We feel closer to nature when immersed in natural water. Its grounding properties provide the perfect escapism to simply exist in the moment and allow modern life’s woes to drift away. Wild swimming is the pinnacle of ‘green exercise’ with its profound impact on our overall health and wellbeing. Those lucky enough to live in coastal spots or by public swimming ponds can quench their addiction for the release of positive endorphins by regularly enjoying natural aquatic beauty. The rest will have to make special trips to get their fix!   

The holistic benefits of swimming in natural pools far outweigh the conventional alternative. Inspired by the beauty of mountain lakes, natural pools can be integrated into the landscape and appear similar to a pond. These biologically rich environments, abundant with life and absent of chemicals, offer an environmentally friendly, economical, and healthier alternative to the typical back garden swimming pool. Specialised aquatic planting regenerates, filters, and oxygenates the water across the four seasons. Reeds and waterlilies are aided by insects, amphibians, and aquatic life in cleaning the water so that we may dive into nature and share this balanced little ecosystem.


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