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City Jungle.

a vibrant urban oasis
Client profile.

Nestled in lively East London, our clients owned a compact garden with established jungle planting. 

With planning approval to build a contemporary ground floor extension, they were keen to have a picture-perfect garden to admire from their bifold doors. 

Having recently acquired two Spanish Greyhounds, the garden needed to be a dog-friendly zone that retained a jungle-like feel. 

We played on angles and perspectives to give this petite space the illusion of depth.


small garden, big character

Materials & Planting.

With the absence of lawn and low-level interest, we selected

weatherproof and hardy materials for easy cross-seasonal navigation. 

A porcelain plank pathway encompassed by 'dissolving' cobble setts work with the angles of the retaining walls to

accentuate the route through the garden.

As avid gardeners with a fondness for verdant jungle foliage, our clients had a number of established palms, ferns, bamboos, and banana trees to retain.

We added to the jungle planting scheme and re-homed the existing specimens in feature pots and retaining walls. 

dog-friendly design

Our client's much loved plants had taken somewhat of a bashing from their new greyhounds. 

We salvaged the surviving plant specimens and replanted them in raised beds.

Our dog-friendly design omitted all low-level interest and allowed for ample jungle foliage in generous retaining walls. 



greyhound 2.png
greyhound 1.png
cinder block png.png
beautiful backdrops

For vertical interest we designed a painted feature wall to the rear boundary and a concrete block living wall by the dining terrace.


These intriguing focal points offer vibrancy and help soften the garden's boundaries, transforming them into beautiful backdrops.  

The bottom left section of the north-facing garden receives a precious patch of afternoon sunshine.


We transformed this previously unused area into a secret seating nook encompassed by lush foliage for our clients to relax and soak up the sun.

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