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Club Med.

al fresco lifestyle
Client profile.

Project Club Med grew from a sociable family’s desire to evoke the al fresco Mediterranean lifestyle, enjoyed from past holidays, in their English home.


The space was to be designed around the property's large orangery extension, which offered multiple perspectives of the garden. 

material palette

rustic accents

Materials & Planting.

Buff sandstone paving, cobble paths, and timber beds add warm tones to complement the red-brick house and soften the orangery’s contemporary design.


Inspired by traditional Mediterranean architecture, we white-washed the internal garden walls. Antique terracotta pots, originally used for storing olive oil, offer rustic accents and decorative interest.

A large, sculptural olive tree is the focal point of our design. It provides semi-transparent screening and is the meeting point connecting the garden's social spaces.

Planted amidst silvery, textural Lamb's Ear, the tree's retaining bed creates an additional seating area. Hanging lanterns off the tree's gnarly branches offer intimate mood lighting after sunset. 

Al fresco dining and cocktail making is incomplete without fresh lemons! Planted on wheeled bases, the lemon trees can be easily manoeuvred inside the orangery during colder climates.

interlinking spaces and social hubs

The designated BBQ area is often an afterthought in most English gardens. We positioned an outdoor kitchen centrally in our design for the ultimate hosting experience. 

This inviting space is accessible via a brick pathway circulating the kitchen, connecting it with the orangery and outdoor entertaining areas. 

Its L-shaped design and split level bar with seating is the ideal forum for culinary entertaining, drink making, and inclusivity.

secret gravel garden

An important requirement of our design was to ensure each aspect of the garden, visible from inside the orangery, was attractive and inviting.


We transformed an uninviting dead space into a secret gravel garden enclosed by a pergola with an attached swing seat.


This tucked away gem, with its scented plants, intimate lighting, and cosy feel, is the perfect nook for moments of calm in a contrastingly open garden. 

The raised fire pit with detachable lid doubles up its usage during the day as a coffee table.


L-shaped seating creates another sociable spot with views looking out to the garden. 

A bespoke pergola, designed with a central void to allow for smoke egress, provides privacy and shade in this exposed, sunny area.

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