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beach chalet

On the West Sussex coast a young couple had renovated an open-plan beach chalet bungalow.

As watersport enthusiasts and social butterflies this investment serves them as the perfect coastal getaway and self-contained let for renting out to holiday-goers.


Positioned on flat terrain in a prime beach front location, our landscape design incorporated practical solutions, entertaining hubs and intimate spots for seaside living.


escape to the sea

Materials & Planting.

Our hard landscape materials were selected for their durability, low maintenance, and resilience to heavy element exposure.

Concrete slabs with local pea shilling infill are laid in various sizes and patterns for visual zoning. 

Dark composite decking complements the timber clad beach house and is an appropriate anti-slip choice for wetter areas.

Corten steel is used throughout our design to distinguish boundaries and provide screening. Over time, the steel develops a very attractive patina as it reacts to salty air.

We selected easy-care plants that will withstand extreme weather conditions and thrive in this coastal spot. 

The tall, frothy fronds of Miscanthus bordering the pause points provide an effective windbreak.

Pinus Nigra trees offer sculptural interest with their specialised pruning and irregular shapes. 

Pachysandra offers low level interest in shadier spots. The clusters will gradually carpet across the concrete paving to soften the hard landscaping.

a well fern-ished hot tub

We designed a bespoke hot tub surround to disguise the bulky structure.

Sunken into the composite decking, the voids between the side steps are perfect planting pockets for a compact variety of ferns. 

This attractive, visually intriguing, and organic aesthetic blends harmoniously with the garden design.

HOT TUB SKETCH FINAL W background.jpg
living wall.png
vertical garden

We were briefed to include an outdoor shower area to wash down from the beach before entering the property. 

We created a side passage leading from the beach terrace an outdoor shower area as a convenient transitional zone.

It is neatly concealed in an area of dead space and cleverly screened by a corten steel feature. 

A hidden heated storage cupboard is a practical addition for storing wetsuits and towels.

The living greenwall covered in ferns and succulents elevates this space into a visually attractive setting.

At the front of the property we designed a beach terrace offering panoramic views of the breathtaking seascape.

The weatherproof composite decking is raised to protect from flooding in adverse weather conditions. 

With lounge seating and wall-mounted down lights, dwellers can enjoy this intimate setting from a private section of beach.

Reclaimed driftwood planks are sunken into the sand, with sea herbs planted in between to visually extend the terrace into the beachy surroundings. 

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