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transformative terrace
Client profile.

Our clients wanted to transform their box terrace into a tranquil outdoor space for star-gazing, relaxing on warm summer nights, and morning yoga.


Attached to a self-build property in Hampstead, our terrace design complemented the contemporary, minimalist interior aesthetic. 

Elegance, balance and symmetry are the heart and soul of Project Gemini. 


balance and symmetry

Materials & Planting.

Cedar panelling and white rendered walls complement the property's exterior build.

To harmonise the indoor and outdoor spaces we extended the travertine flooring to the terrace.


The subtle and neutral colour variations in the travertine's marble-like texture help soften the minimalist 'clinical' aesthetic.

Two Birch trees with their papery plates and distinctive bark markings offer texture and sculptural interest in the planting scheme. 

The tall trees frame the focal point mirror with their leafy canopies extending above the terrace boundary for vertical interest. 

Box-hedge topiary and Geranium sanguineum border the terrace adding plush greenery and delicate white foliage to blend with the garden's neutral colour palette.

squares and curves

The box terrace and level terrain allowed us to create a uniform and linear design. 

The curved additions of twin water bowls and feature mirror contrast with the squared landscaping to soften and balance the composition. 


A bespoke concave mirror with integrated mood lighting is positioned centrally on the rear boundary wall.

This intriguing focal point symbolises and reflects the garden's symmetry.

The mirror can be angled to reflect the sky above transforming it into an ephemeral art piece. 

The freestanding designer chairs can be easily manouvered indoors across the flush threshold to adapt the space for wider use.

This transformative terrace and manicured landscape design is the perfect backdrop for our client's virtual yoga classes. 

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