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Georgian Jungle.

walk on the wild side
Client profile.

The owners of a beautiful Georgian house nestled in Surrey required the perfect garden to connect with their forever home.

The client's main garden is uniquely placed at the front of the property. We incorporated a traditional Georgian garden design to complement the property's quirky architecture.


Their wrap-around garden is characterised by a multi-levelled terrain. This allowed us to experiment with alternative design aesthetics and planting schemes. 


a transitional journey

Materials & Planting.

We chose a material with historic roots to complement the property's Georgian architecture. Bargate sandstone is local to Surrey and prevalent in the county's vernacular. 

The sandstone's natural patina and reddish veining picks up the property's warm brick hues. 

We altered the style and finish of this material in each zone to diversify the garden's formality and flow.

Any residual sandstone chippings were repurposed as aggregate in the driveway and infill between slabs. 

Aubretia, Agapanthus, Thyme, and Miscanthus border the property. The frothy textures and colourful blooms of these cottagey plants contrast with the structured topiary.

Georgian features 

Our clients inherited large Yew trees that dominated the space and

obstructed views. 

Clipped topiary featured prominently in Georgian gardens, so we were keen to retain these Yews in our design.

The elevated viewing terrace offers panoramic views of the front garden.


Dissipated paving and Thyme planting transforms this transitional space into an inviting pause point.

Curved brick steps angled away from the driveway lead down from the sun terrace towards the lawn. 

The formal lawn gradually dissolves into the surrounding orchard landscape as you venture further from the property. 

welcome to the jungle

The dead space wrapping around the back of the house was transformed into a secret narrow passageway. 


With no direct view through, we layered plants and timber structures in a zig-zag formation adding intrigue to the route with a surprise at the end. 

The passageway leads to a jungle oasis courtyard with characterful pause points.


A bistro dining spot and seated fire pit with festoon mood lighting creates atmospheric and intimate spots to gather.


Fatasia, Hosters, Tetrapanex, and Colocasia thrive in shaded spots. These large-leafed textural plants create a haven of lush greenery with their organic, unmanicured shapes. 

The original driveway occupied the sunniest spot in the front garden, creating an unattractive view. 

Seeking inspiration from traditional ha-ha walls, we created an 'invisible' boundary by relocating the driveway to the lowest level of land. 

The lawn is repositioned to the garden's natural suntrap with tall grasses and orchard trees planted to soften the border. 

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