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wild play 
Client profile.

Project Neverland allowed us to reconnect with our inner child and create a magical, multi-sensory landscape.


Attached to a period property on the rural outskirts of Surrey, the garden was characterised by unnatural gradients that required a thoughtful design approach.


We needed to design a space that would allow one of the children with learning difficulties to safely enjoy the garden's delights. 

family time and learning

Materials & Planting.

We designed user-friendly routes throughout the garden using riven sandstone paving and brick pathways. These bumpy, non-slip textures ensure navigational practicality across seasons. 

The silvered timber retaining beds, structural posts, and pergola blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

A chamomile lawn and stepping stone pathway works with the land's gradients. This easily maintained carpet of green can thrive in drier areas, where a typical lawn would struggle to grow.


adventure area

Located on an area of high ground, the front of the house offers panoramic views to admire the distant city lights after sunset. We designed an elevated terrace above the carport with bistro seating as an intimate spot for moments of contemplation.

The clients inherited the garden with an artificial mounding and treehouse, which their imaginative children incorporated in their outdoor playtime.

Working with the uneven terrain, we buried a slide within the mound connecting the treehouse to the bottom of the garden. 

The treehouse and decking were reimagined into a mini ampitheatre with seating, creating the perfect performance space. 

The wild woodland dead space behind the treehouse was redesigned into an organic play area with tyre swing and tree net. 


multi-sensory experiences

A neglected patch of land besides an old apple tree was transformed into a picturesque meadow and pond within an orchard setting. This multi-sensory area provides opportunities for learning and a safe habitat for wildlife to thrive.

Keen to 'live off the land', a raised vegetable patch enables the family to grow their own crops together. 

Near the outdoor dining area, we designed a multi-levelled herb garden with soft planting for the whole family to comfortably access.

07 POND .jpg

Bright Wisteria blooms weaved across the pergola provide gentle, calming scents above the dining area.


Hanging pots and planters add a soft, personalised touch to the semi-transparent screening framing the fire pit. This adaptable framework was another cost-effective solution to a green wall alternative.  

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