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city retreat 

We were approached by renowned property developers to design a rooftop terrace for a luxury penthouse let in a prime London location.  

The contemporary penthouse wraps around a compact box terrace that offers breathtaking views of the cityscape. 

Our design extends the interior aesthetic outdoors to harmonise both spaces and create the ultimate open-plan indoor-outdoor setting. 


views of the London skyline

Materials & Planting.

We incorporated durable, low maintenance, and weatherproof materials in our hard landscaping.

Porcelain flooring is an adaptable material that can be used indoors and outside.

Composite decking with ambient inbuilt lighting is a practical non-slip surface by the hot tub area.

We included easy-care plants that can thrive in an inner city climate.

Tall bamboo stems planted with spotlighting for dramatic depth offers vertical interest and screening.

Box hedge topiary softens the pergola structure and provides greenery across the year.

Feature Acer trees in antique pots frame the terrace. Their fiery leaves offer seasonal interest in autumn.

The fountain blooms of Pennesitum add contrasting shapes and textures.


We loved the wood grain effect porcelain floor inside the penthouse and used the same material to extend this aesthetic outdoors.

Large slabs are laid as a linear stepping stone pathway guiding you across the terrace.

The unconventional herringbone formation in our design is a striking paving pattern to highlight each pause point. 

herringbone sketch new.png
bespoke pergola

We installed a large pergola providing vertical and structural interest to connect each zone.


Its contemporary design complements the glazing, mirroring the linear geometry of the penthouse architecture. 

The robust aluminium structure is automated to react to the sun's movements and climate, providing necessary shade and shelter in an exposed terrace. 

Attached light fixtures illuminate each pause point for atmosphere. 

We designed the terrace to feel integrated with the interior for a holistic indoor-outdoor setting.


Each zone reflects the interior rooms that wrap around the terrace.  

The open plan terrace is perfect for city getaways and rooftop parties. 

Guests can enjoy panoramic views from an elevated position in the heart of London city.

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