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inner city paradise
Client profile.

A professional artist wanted to transform the back garden of their 70s style East London home into a tropical paradise. 

Our eclectic client needed a garden and outdoor studio to complement their free-spirited nature and cater to their artistic and entertaining requirements. 

With a particular affinity for tropical vegetation from worldly travels, our client wanted their garden to evoke past explorations and spark the imagination. 

We transformed the conventional back garden lawn into a lush oasis with unique architectural elements.

tropicana MATERIAL PALETTE.png

inspiring creativity

Materials & Planting.

Concrete paving slabs and rendered walls provide neutral tones and clean lines to complement the style of the property.

Metal features and fixtures offer a contemporary and reflective finish.


In the tropical garden, mossy pebbles add a contrastingly organic and exotic feel to the wilder zones. 

The naturally warmer micro-climate of cities allows for certain tropical plants to thrive.

The south-west facing garden is the perfect canvas to incorporate a diverse tropical planting scheme with an inbuilt irrigation system.

We filled the tropical garden with mature plants including Canna, Musa, Ricinus, and a variety of Palms.

tropical vistas

In the heart of the tropical garden we nestled a custom-built artist studio for yearly use.

A sculptural window feature frames the garden's vistas and tropical planting.

The studio benefits from ample natural light with its picture windows and sliding glass doors. 

Surrounded by lush tropical foliage with their vibrant hues and textures, the studio is perfectly positioned for ultimate seclusion. 

tropicana ills final.png

sunken terrace

Floating steps connect the garden's terraces adding interest to the journey between these entertaining spaces.

Crisp concrete tops, deep overhangs, and dark painted risers give the optical illusion of a levitating pathway.

The centralised fire pit, and L-shaped seating transforms this sunken terrace into a cosy and intimate nook during colder months. 

Central to our design is a bespoke water feature with intriguing architectural elements.


The design is split into sections connecting the garden's three terraces.


A cleverly designed aqueduct and rill channel the water into sunken troughs and cascading waterfalls.


This ambient water feature can be enjoyed from multiple perspectives and pause points within the garden.

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