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a new perspective


Garden Design is a hot topic of discussion for people wishing to transform their outdoor spaces into an extension of their homes.

The growing popularity of the BBC series 'Your Garden Made Perfect' has facilitated a surge of interest in reimagining gardens using cutting edge 3D visual technology. Clients can 'step inside' a spectrum of innovative design avenues that have been thoughtfully curated by garden experts. To own a garden tailored to your everyday lives is aspirational, and the ability to visualise what can be achieved is fast becoming a highly desired service.

Your landscape is a living organism that grows and changes over time. Designing with 3D visualisations is gaining increased kudos and momentum in the field. 3D visualisations can beautifully capture the evolution of a garden as it transitions from day to night and across seasonal changes. This luxury design process allows you to gain a 'feel' of how your landscape can be transformed to realise its full potential. State of the art software can detail a variety of textures, colours, shapes, and scales to bring a design to life in a way that 2D drawings are limited by.

Visualising your garden through a 3D lens allows you to journey through the reimagined outdoor space to experience intriguing views, focal points, and the marriage of soft and hard landscaping. You do not need to own a large plot of land to benefit from this service; 3D perspectives can allow designers to explore clever and compact solutions to maximise even the smallest of spaces.

Having your dream garden built can be a daunting project that often comes with a hefty price tag. With 3D visuals to hand you will always have the end goal firmly in mind when embarking on the build phase.


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