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petite gardens, with presence


swimming pond
living wall, festoon lights and bistro seating

The joy of landscape design is reimagining outdoor spaces with more purpose and beauty. Even the smallest of spaces can be transformed into functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor sanctuaries. City dwellings with an attached private balcony or terrace are wonderful canvases to work with. Clever design solutions and creativity can transform compact spaces into inviting havens.

Urban gardens are often overlooked by neighbouring properties highlighting a lack of privacy and noise pollution. Natural boundaries can offer very attractive screening and noise barrier solutions. Bamboo planting en masse offers resilient, affordable, and striking backdrops to disguise unattractive boundaries. Alternatively, with a more generous budget, old fences and walls can be replaced altogether with beautiful cladding options such as Cedar panelling. Tightly enclosed spaces are softened with the organic look and feel of natural boundaries.

*flaura tip*

Prune the lower foliage of your Bamboo plants and polish the stems. For a dramatic effect after sunset, illuminate the stems with spotlights.

Ample greenery and vibrant hues can still be achieved without a patch of lawn or artificial turf. Experimenting with planting at different heights and levels can create lush, verdant gardens in small spaces. Plants in decorative pots and retaining walls are easily maintained, but may not necessarily conserve precious outdoor space. Vertical gardening is a really effective way to inject greenery with the least impact on footprint. Living walls, hanging planters, and climbing plant specimens are efficient and creative methods to plant upwards instead of outwards!

Hard landscaping, lighting, and furnishings significantly impact the look and feel of tight outdoor spaces. White rendered walls offer a contemporary finish and can instantly brighten darkly enclosed gardens. An open-plan 'indoor-outdoor' aesthetic can be achieved by mirroring the outdoor paving with the interior flooring creating harmony across the threshold. Festoon lighting, lanterns, and fairy lights create ambiance and intimacy after sunset. Weather resistant artworks, sculptures, and mirrors are intriguing focal points for added character and charm.

Creativity is not limited by confined spaces. Cosy terraces and balconies offer wonderful opportunities to explore unique and compact garden designs.


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