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holistic landscape design: 101

Updated: Feb 8, 2021


sustainable landscapes
sustainable landscapes

‘Green’ living, sustainability, and protecting our environment are principles we can all recognise as integral to the survival of our precious planet.

Now, more than ever, human beings are critiqued on how we, as a species, treat the world we inhabit. With worldwide promises to conserve ecosystems and efforts to protect the Earth’s flora and fauna, it is clear that these messages have deeper roots centred on mutual survival. There is no clearer example than the human and honeybee co-dependent relationship. The reality is, we are attached to our world and want to preserve it. Earth’s wellbeing and our own are intrinsically linked.

Holidaying – be it in the rural countryside, coastal hotspots, or urban cities - is the ultimate escapism to recharge, decompress, and enjoy a change of scene from the norm. These getaways are just a small example of how people turn to tourism, immersing themselves in different landscapes for their own mental, physical, and emotional health. But we also recognise that certain daily rituals and routines we implement in our lives help maintain a steady level of health and wellbeing. Exercising outdoors, consuming fresh produce, ethically recycling, socialising with loved ones, and taking time just for ourselves, are all things that make us feel good. ‘Wellbeing’ is, by its very nature, holistic.

Holistic landscape design explores how communities can reconnect with everyday outdoor spaces in a way that positively impacts both humans and nature. It is grounded in the concept of permaculture, which champions sustainable design solutions that work with the existing landscape. We desire private and public landscapes that stimulate our senses and stir the imagination. Freshwater ponds, edible plants, and naturalistic structural elements are just a few examples of how beautiful landscape designs can enable wildlife to flourish and allow us to feel closer to nature in a mutually beneficial environment. Holistic landscape design is a wholly creative and conscientious solution to form multi-sensory outdoor spaces with safe, natural habitats so that we can co-exist more efficiently with Earth’s wildlife.


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